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Edward Gorey and his Alphabet.

30 Comments 29 March 2010



Edward Gorey has always been a favorite of mine, thus to celebrate him – here is his alphabet from “The Gashlycrumb Tinies”.

Update: Google Honours Edward Gorey with a Google Doodle


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  • entertainmentgirl

    Oh. My. God.

  • PsHHH

    If you liked this, you should look up the song, “Gorey demise” by creature feature….

  • Captain_Black

    I know this is not the point, but…
    Is the description of Ryan Northcott for real? Who doesn’t drink coffee and beer once in a while? How is that interesting or different?”He’s the star of…. well…. nothing good, but…. ahhhh you get the point. He’s a guy, he does stuff, I dunno, just picture any late 20′s or early 30′s Canadian dude and you’ve pretty much got the picture…”Amazing.LOVE Ed Gorey though.

  • IAmaAnOrphan

    Gorey’s Ghost and I collaborated on a song version of this pome. If you put it on a separate tab and scroll through these pictures in synchronization with the music, your brain will notice some extraordinary results!


  • AmandaPanda

    I was disturbed and laughing at the same time.

  • Macntosh2

    oops, I meant gorey! blood and gore?

  • Macntosh2

    Simply awe-some…is this where we get ‘that’s gross’ from?

  • Daddypaul


  • Teri Whiting

    Great images and great imagination

  • Teri Whiting

    great images and imagination

  • Kids Room Wall Art

    I really loved the images you shared.

  • Lee Stone

    There must be some relationship to Lemony Snicket…3rd cousin twice removed…ah, but how was he removed?

  • Artofmal

    All of Mr. Goreys works are macabe. It is a salute to children, your just slow and dont get it. 

  • Artofmal

    I have a letter from him from the 1980s- he typed it himself, it has typos! Its one of my favourite things! GOREY ROCKS!

  • Carla


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  • Guest

    Talk about hating children…

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  • Robert James

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    Indeed a Happy Birthday to Edward Gorey! One of my favorite writers…gone too soon.

  • Hunter Coch

    It’s his birthday so I shared this.

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  • Lambytoes

    I loved his books! They were fantasticly creepy! ^_^


    LOL..Awful ways to die for sure! I personally like “Z”.

  • Krazikid2011

    lol.. i was laughing from start to finish.. terrible ways to die yo.!!

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  • Ryan Northcott

    It's quite fantastic isn't it! Here is one I saw at a bar of all places on the wall above the ATM.

  • Danae Fuller

    Ummmm…fantastic! I appreciate this dismal portrayal of the alphabet!


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