Chilly Gonzales Ivory Tower Album Review

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Chilly Gonzales Ivory Tower Album Review

No Comments 12 September 2010


In the spirit of finding all of my music from commercials here’s a catchy tune used in Apple’s iPad commercial “Delicious”. The song, “Never Stop” is the backdrop, the iPad is the star, but in all reality the artist Chilly Gonzales is the headliner.

Born in Canada (awesome) and living in France, Gonzales is a classically-McGill trained pianist who has produced, composed and written numerous songs, albums and soundtracks. The man has been all around the music scene for more than a decade. He’s worked with numerous artists such as Feist, Peaches and Mocky…all Canadians by the way.

I sat down to have a listen to his soon to come album “Ivory Tower” and in an age where the single reigns supreme, I found an album covering a wide spectrum of moods. Apart from a couple impersonal songs, the entire album is a cool, cool ride.

It kicks off with a pretty uplifting song called “Knight Moves” which sets the pace for the album. A nice combo of piano, electro beats and a slight disco-ness to it. “Never Stop” is the highlight track, though consequently the track “Never Stop (Chilly Gonzales Rap)” is leaps ahead of the original. It can be somewhat awkward to hear a white man rap, but it doesn’t seem to take away from the song.

“You Can Dance” is another fun song. I could very much imagine dancing to this song at a small club somewhere…tucked away and not for the masses. “Crying” is another interesting song. I haven’t figured out if I like it or not. “Siren Song” is again, fun loving and light. I would call it your Monday morning walk to work anthem.

Check out the album, buy it on iTunes and enjoy it. That’s what you’re meant to do with this one. Just enjoy it.

Furthermore, stop listening to the radio to get your music. Trust the people who are hired to find new, eclectic and different tunes. Those people are sound editors, music supervisors, creative folks and many more…they are not radio programmers.

Stephen Brunt’s Vancouver Olympic Essay: Beautiful.

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Stephen Brunt’s Vancouver Olympic Essay: Beautiful.

No Comments 06 March 2010


There’s not much I can say about this to do it justice. One of our great journalists with a very poignant, emotional look on the roller coaster ride that was Vancouver.

Let your red heart show…

(via YouTube

By the way, that last song is “Red Heart” by Hey Rosetta!

Adventures in Music

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Adventures in Music

No Comments 24 January 2010


I write a lot about music, partly because I dabble in it, mostly because it inspires me. I get such a kick of finding a new song or artist…which reminds me of a story. I was the tender age of 16, I had just begun liking dance/electronic music and somehow I came across a CD from the UK called “A Retrospective of House”. I actually ordered it from the UK and had it delivered to HMV six weeks later…oh pre-iTunes days…in anycase this was the song that had me dancing in the living room (and the humble beginnings of Dave and I’s Car Dancing):

Skip ahead a couple years and I moved to LA. Hanging out, attending parties…oh my it was the life. Here’s a song that I specifically remember driving to the Grand Opening party for the Tommy Hilfiger store on Rodeo…

Time went on, the days got longer, the shine of LA wore off a touch and the rain fell. Just like these days the rain fell, fell and fell. At that time this was what was playing in my disc player…

Los Angeles was great, but I needed a touch of home. So I packed up my car, and headed north once again. It was a long trip, especially in the dead of winter, but as I drove through the desert just north of Las Vegas I heard this come on the radio. It was fuzzy, it cut in and out, but it was perfect at the time. It also stopped the freakout I was having listening to some strange story on Coast-to-Coast-AM.

As I settled back to Calgary, I was enamored by this song. It wasn’t dancy, there were no badass bass tracks or repetitive beats…it was a beautiful voice, a plucky guitar and some great lyrics. Some day I’ll find it, but there was a webcam I was absolutely glued to. This song + Webcam = Greatness.

…This musical journey will continue…heck we’re only up to 2002. We’ve got a long way to go…both literally and musically.


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