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Many times we put up videos with no explanation as to why we did that particular video or small, hidden things we never mention.

Well here’s your thread to ask! Something been nagging you? Didn’t understand what happened in a particular scene or video? Submit your question below…

We’ll start off with a very simple one, in the “Sittin’ Pretty for Westbury Stout” what on earth does it say under the beer bottle logo? Here’s what it says:

This is some text that you’ll never actually be able to read, but you can certainly try. In fact, we should have a contest to see who can decifer exactly what this says right here. Sometimes I like to go to the edge of the airport’s runway and see if I can watch the planes land and take off. That is often fun, even though I hate to fly. I was coming home from Grande Prairie and it was the worst flight ever…bumpy as s**t.

We’ll update this post often when we think of new things…

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